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September 10th, 2010

vintage bolivian blankets (frasadas)

we spent time today with sofia, who invited us to her house in el alto (a city perched atop of la paz) to see (and pillage!) her unbelievable collection of the bolivian blankets, called frasadas, traditionally used by the aymaras to fortify themselves against the andean cold.

sofia’s collection of these entirely handwoven - and increasingly rare - vintage pieces is absolutely remarkable (she has a store in the sagarnaga section of la paz, but keeps her personal favorites at her home, which we were lucky enough to visit).

i have long been in love with the bold, colorful stripey patterns of the frasadas made from sheeps’ wool - and we found some truly gorgeous ones today. this trip also yielded a completely new find for me: a super special collection of 100% alpaca pieces in natural colors. all have a beautiful heft to them.

a day of phenomenal finds. we sorted through hundreds. and our favorites are already en route back to the studio in nyc. so very satisfying!

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